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    Why is it that people throughout the world, regardless of religious or social affiliation, think there must be more to life than they are experiencing? This is highlighted by marketers who communicate the urgent need for change and transformation...promising solutions to our most pressing needs.

    The problem is that our deepest needs are not met by something that costs only $29.95 plus shipping and handling. Instead, we need an incalculably valuable, transformational experience with the God of the universe.

    Is Jesus Christ really the God of heaven and earth who is able to meet our most significant needs? If not, let’s put Christianity to rest once and for all. However, if Jesus Christ holds the answers for life, then how can you fully experience Him today?

    In this dynamic new book, author and speaker Jeff Schwarzentraub gets beyond the routines, rhetoric, and rituals of religion and points the way for those who have the courage to follow.

    To purchase Challenging Christianity click on "AMAZON"
    Jeff Schwarzentraub - President Jeff Schwarzentraub is the founder and President of One... More

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