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Our Name

Envision a team united as they exit the locker room on their way to win a championship.  Picture a band of brothers storming a beach or fighting together for a cause greater than themselves.  Visualize the first disciples who against all odds risked their lives to share the Gospel.

Now, imagine a group of people today still committed to the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the building of His church.  ONEHEARTBEAT is discipling people across denominations, races, and experiences for the single purpose of proclaiming the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ as the hope of this world.

Our name describes the intangible connectedness we share with God and with other believers through the person of Jesus Christ.  In John 17 Jesus prays that we, as his disciples, would be one in the same way that He was one with the Father.  Jesus desires that we too would share a oneness with God and each other.  This unity is what contributes to accomplishing the mission of Jesus Christ on this planet.

Our Mission

Making Fully Engaged Disciples who serve Christ and His church.

Our Strategy

Proclaiming the authority of God's Word without apology.

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