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    ThuThursdayMayMay19th2011 Fight For Freedom..From Religious Traditions
    byJeff Schwarzentraub Tagged Galatians 0 comments Add comment
    The second message in the Fight For Freedom series.  Galatians 1:10-24 Audio Fight for Freedom...From Religious Traditions.mp3
    ThuThursdayMayMay19th2011 Fight For Freedom...From A False Gospel
    byJeff Schwarzentraub Tagged Galatians 0 comments Add comment
    This is the first message from Jeff's series through his Galatians Fight for Freedom series.  Jeff is preaching from Galatians 1:1-9. Audio Fight for Freedom from a False Gospel.mp3
    ThuThursdayMayMay19th2011 Lets Get Real...About Sex and Marriage
    byJeff Schwarzentraub Tagged Marriage Sex 0 comments Add comment
    Various Passages Audio 01 Let_s Get Real...About Sex & Marriage.mp3
    ThuThursdayMayMay19th2011 Let's Get Real...About Money
    byJeff Schwarzentraub Tagged Corinthians Money 0 comments Add comment
    2 Corinthians 9:6-15 Audio Let_s Get Real...About Money.mp3
    ThuThursdayMayMay19th2011 Let's Get Real...About Our Enemy
    byJeff Schwarzentraub Tagged Genesis The Enemy 0 comments Add comment
    Genesis 3:1-6 Audio Let_s Get Real...About Our Enemy.mp3
    ThuThursdayMayMay19th2011 Let's Get Real...About Fellowship
    byJeff Schwarzentraub Tagged 1 John Fellowship 0 comments Add comment
    1 John 1:5-10 Audio 01 Let_s Get Real...About Fellowship.mp3
    ThuThursdayMayMay19th2011 Lets Get Real...About Salvation
    byJeff Schwarzentraub Tagged Matthew Salvation 0 comments Add comment
    Matthew 7:13-29 Audio 01 Let_s Get Real...About Salvation.mp3
    Oneheartbeat Podcastby Jeff SchwarzentraubPastor Jeff Schwarzentraub challenging us through the Word of God to be Fully Engaged disciples of Christ.

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